Here are some good practices that I find useful to bring into daily life, as they have helped me stay engaged with the world and try to make it better while also feel at peace (even with strong or unpleasant emotions or feelings) in the core of my being, most of the time... :)

Thursday, September 24, 2020

What is mindful eating?

Smell the food that you are going to eat.

If you are holding it, notice how it feels like between your fingers. 

What is the texture like? 

Take in the visual, colour and shape, all the details.

Be simultaneously aware of the sight, the texture, smell of it.  

Allow yourself to salivate. It is a way to prepare our digestive system. It is also a way to enjoy the food that you are going to consume. No hurry. 

Have a taste. Take a small bite or lick (if it is ice-cream). Is there a sound to it? Crunchy? Squishy? Springy? Does it feel warm, hot, cool or cold? Allow the first bite to spread and roll around your tongue. Chew slowly, enjoying the sensations and burst of flavours on your tongue. Notice how the flavours change with each bite. Allow the food to roll to different parts of the tongue which register different flavours... Enjoy the texture between your teeth and on your tongue... Does it melts in your mouth or does it feels moist and spongy... Allow the taste to dissolve into your saliva completely... Fully enjoying this bite with all your senses... 

Tongue is the only place to enjoy the taste of the food we consume. The mouth not also register  flavours but the temperature, the texture, and opens to the chamber of the nose that register the smell. 



No hurry. Nothing else to do. No where to go. Just you and your food. 

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