Here are some good practices that I find useful to bring into daily life, as they have helped me stay engaged with the world and try to make it better while also feel at peace (even with strong or unpleasant emotions or feelings) in the core of my being, most of the time... :)

Monday, October 26, 2020

Personal Space and Boundary - Easeful Witness and Acceptance

The wonderful thing is that within this personal boundary, we create our own personal space. This means we can fill our personal space with loving kindness and self-compassion, especially if we are usually too hard on ourselves most of the time. We can fill it with excitement and inspiration instead of fears of the unknowns and worries over uncertainties. We can look at the day as an adventure or a practice instead of a daunting task. There are so much possibilities. If you are 'stuck' in the downward curve, try thinking of the opposite to ride the curve up. Of course, you can also choose to ride the curve down to uncover what treasures are buried deep down to unlock your vitality and reclaim yourself, in a wholesome way, without judgement or criticism. This is what we are doing for practice 2. 

Whatever it may be, always remember that this is a journey where we honour our feelings and our emotions to uncover who we really are - without the thought patterns (which can be self-destructive), beliefs (which are usually false in the larger scheme of things), and habitual behaviour (such as self-loathing and criticism), all of which I have had! :D

Here is sharing my experience on self-acceptance and finding ease within my skin, literary. I noticed that with practice of personal boundary and space, my eczema heal faster. More on eczema separately...

Here is practice 2. This is a relatively more advance practice. It is built on practice 1. It is recommended that you try out practice 1 for at least 1 week before coming to this video. Practice 1 can be found here.

This practice explores our emotions, beliefs, thought patterns and sensations based on the foundation of anchoring within our body as a safe haven without judgement or criticism. Just open your eyes if you need to stop the practice anytime. Take your time to explore this. Be gentle and kind with whatever you uncover here. A beginner's mind with open curiosity would be helpful. Be really interested to know and understand the thought patterns. Through this practice, I found a number of false beliefs of myself. The latter shapes my perceptions of what could be viewed by others as harmless events. As a result, I regularly fall back to this practice as a sanctuary for self-reflections and self-inquiry. It is important for me to fill this space with kindness and self-compassion so that my beliefs (even the deep-seated and even unconscious ones) can be expressed without restraints or filters.

May all be well.

Here is the youtube playlist of practices for personal space and boundary.

Here is the series of practices on healthy personal boundary and space. 

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