Here are some good practices that I find useful to bring into daily life, as they have helped me stay engaged with the world and try to make it better while also feel at peace (even with strong or unpleasant emotions or feelings) in the core of my being, most of the time... :)

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Self-reflections on a full moon

Today is Blue Moon, second full moon in the same month.

It is usually a time of self reflections and giving gratitude to the things I have in life - this has become a daily practice for me but especially so during full moon. 

This month is filled with lots of inner turbulence for me and I am working out some really strong triggers. Today is an opportune time to release the old and past beliefs that no longer works and are actually hurting myself - relationship with myself and others. It is essentially questioning the way I perceive myself and the world around. 

Letting go of baggage is an ongoing and painful process which I find worth every of my effort. I find this new habit helps me reclaim vitality and the zest for life. Every single day, I am getting a little better than the day before - maybe it is an awareness of myself ruminating and bringing my attention back to what really matters. It could also be allowing myself to rest more instead of pushing myself further whenever I feel tired. Bit by bit, I tidy up my space. 

Here is my full moon renderings - questions that help me refocus on the possibilities and my potential. 

Blessed full moon and Happy Halloween (and day of the dead)!

May the past be dead as we invite vitality and passion for each living moment.

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