Here are some good practices that I find useful to bring into daily life, as they have helped me stay engaged with the world and try to make it better while also feel at peace (even with strong or unpleasant emotions or feelings) in the core of my being, most of the time... :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


One kind gesture melts away fear and resentment. Some kind gestures are like hot chocolate on a winter night, instantly warming your every cells. Some are like steeping tea leaves in hot water, felt scalding at first but produced sweet aromas with time.

Kindness is not giving in to a bawling child or spoiling a kid. Kindness is not encouraging co-dependency that removes independence and autonomy. Kindness is in the act of teachers being strict with students to empower them to realise their full potential and challenge them to overcome their own fears and doubts. Kindness is not always easy but is doing something that is right and necessary for the situation. 

Kindness is also a practice of healthy personal boundary and space in a sense that we allow others the space to experience life, grow and walk their own paths. When we are clear of our own personal boundary, we will not take on other's burdens as the latter is doing them a disservice, denying them the opportunity to learn. This does not mean we ignore them or let them be. We, grounded in our own presence and space, are then able to hold the space for others to go through the pain process, the pain of growing, the pain of learning - just like the pain of forming new muscles as tissues re-structure, break down and repair naturally. In this way, it is like being there for the person but not controlling how the person is at the moment. That said, there are times to let go even the need to be present. Just like when someone recover from a leg injury, he or she might need clutches for awhile but eventually, when the body is ready, the tissues need to get used to walking without leaning onto the clutches, and in the process, become stronger. Click here to read more on personal boundary. 

Can you recall some instances where you are grateful for a kind gesture?

Can you recall some instances where you are the one giving the kind gesture?

I think there is a reason for us to call ourselves human kind... 

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